Fire Roasted, Freshly Chopped!

Select New Mexico fresh frozen green chile, grown and packaged in New Mexico's Hatch valley, is changing the way people think about green chile.  Green chile can be found in a wide range of foods; from pizza, to bratwurst, to soups and stews, to green chile apple pie. The growing appeal of this amazing food product is unlimited. Please join us in experiencing this amazing flavor of the southwest.

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Anise small   Atole small   Bay Leaves small   Chile De Arbol small   Cinnamon Sticks small
corn husks small   Crush Pequin 6oz small   dehydrated cilantro small   ground cumino small   Hot Chili Crush small
Hot Chili Crush 6oz small   Hot Chili Powder 8oz small   Hot Chili Powder 14oz small   Hot Red Chili Pods 14oz small   Hot Red Chili Pods small
Manzanilla small   medium hot chamisa 6oz small   medium hot chamisa small   mild chili pods 14oz small   mild chili pods small
nixtamal small   Pequin crush small   Pequin small   Piloncillo small   Whole Oregano small
        whole pequin small        

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